Private parties: terms and conditions

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To enquire about a particular date please fill in the Michaelhouse Centre booking form at and the centre manager will respond with availability. When catering is required the full room hire cost is taken as a combined deposit for both room hire and catering.

Please note that final numbers and menu choices must be confirmed at least fourteen days before the booking and that you will be charged on the basis of the number of people you book for even if some of them don’t turn up. Payment will be due on the day of the party.

Minimum food charge

We have a minimum charge for evening or Sunday catering (excluding drinks and venue hire) of £750.

Minimum bar charge

However, if you only want a bar and no food or just a selection from our ‘sharing plates and nibbles’ menu, we have minimum ‘take’ on the bar of £200 per hour, subject to an overall minimum ‘take’ of £400. If the bar takes less than the agreed minimum ‘take’ then we charge the difference between the amount taken and the minimum ‘take’ as a fee for the provision of the service. If the bar takes more than the minimum ‘take’ then there is no separate charge for the provision of a bar service. Please note that on Sundays sharing plates and nibbles would be subject to a minimum food order charge of £750.

Buffet service/waiter service

For our buffet menu we arrange and lay your tables and then the food is on a long table and you help yourselves.

For our dinner menus you can choose either counter service or table service. See 2 or 3 course dinner for options and pricing.

Starting and finishing times

The café closes at 5pm so the café space is never available before that time. We would normally be able to accept drinks/nibbles bookings from 6.30pm and dinner bookings from 7pm (to give us time to get the space ready). But please talk to us about the specifics of your event and we will do our best to accommodate you.

At the end of the evening, unless we have agreed a late finish with you, the bar closes and music ends at 11pm; Customers must completely vacate the building by 11.30pm. A late finish may sometimes be available. A late finish is charged at an additional cost of £100 and this allows us to serve drinks until 12.00; music also must finish by 12.00 and all guests must have left the premises by 12.30pm.

Arrangement/furnishing of the café area

The café furniture which you see during normal café operation is the same as we use for private parties. Tables can of course be re-arranged to suit the needs of the occasion.

Wine, beer and cider

We are happy to either supply you with our wines or for you to supply your own. If you bring your own, we charge corkage at £7.50 per bottle. An excellent range of wines & champagnes is available from Cambridge Wine Merchants who have a shop in King’s Parade (01223 309309) as well as several other locations in Cambridge and around. Corkage for beer and cider will be charged at £1.50 per bottle (no cans please) or £1.50 per pint for barrels of beer. For barrels of beer you may wish to contact the excellent Milton Brewery (01223 862067)


Please complete the booking form and send it to together with your deposit to:

Rosemary Barrett
The Michaelhouse Centre
Trinity St

01223 309147