Private parties: the Michaelhouse buffet


£17 per person excluding room hire charges. There is a minimum food charge of £750.

  • Michaelhouse quiche (e.g. leek and gruyere, roasted pepper and goat’s cheese, smoked salmon and dill)
  • Olives and our hummus
  • Tudge’s smoked ham
    + Lemon and rosemary chicken mayo (+ £2.50)
    + Poached salmon fillets (+ £3.50)
  • A selection of salads:
    • Mixed leaf salad
    • Healthbowl (wholegrain rice and puy lentils, roast sweet potato & mushrooms in a soy/balsamic vinaigrette)
    • Grated carrot and celeriac in a honey, lemon and dill dressing
  • Extra salads:
    + Herby quinoa salad (+ £1)
    + Roast pepper, aubergine and feta salad (+£2)
  • Rosemary roast potatoes or potato salad, mustard and red onion dressing
  • Our own olive oil rolls
  • Mini flapjacks and brownies
    + Homemade cake or tart. From apple streusel cake to lemon and almond tart or chocolate and Guinness cake with chocolate sauce. They’re all delicious! (+£1 per person instead of flapjack/brownie +£2.50 per person to have it as well as flapjack/brownie)

For drinks, see the drinks menu.