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Going vegan (even just for a couple of days a week) is one of the easiest ways to help our planet, reap personal health benefits and improve animal welfare all at the same time.
We offer a delicious selection of vegan main meals, cakes and desserts to prove that a ‘healthy’ can also mean packed with mouth-watering taste and flavour.
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Farm fresh and local

We believe in serving fresh honest, homemade food with a menu that changes with the seasons. We work closely with fantastic local producers who provide us with top-quality produce, fresh from the farm, such as artisan free-range bacon, sausages and chicken, local vegetables, cheese, apple juice and craft ales.

Our coffee

Illy promote the highest ethics and quality of life for its stakeholders and are the first company to have received the Responsible Supply Process Certification of Sustainability from

Reuse and recycle

Pick up one of our Illy coffee Keepcups and your first hot drink will be free (plus 20p off all future refills). We’ll also give you a free Coffee & Cake voucher for two. And it doesn’t stop there; reuse one of our sturdy Bill’s Kitchen paper bags when you collect a take-away meal and we will take 20p off your bill.


Michaelhouse Café believes in serving fresh, simple, homemade food, with a menu that changes according to the seasons. The only way we are able to do this is by relying on a network of fantastic local producers who provide us with top-quality produce, fresh from the farm.

Here’s a selection:

We head to Radwinter Wild Game for our venison and rabbit to make delicious venison lasagne and the occasional rabbit and cider casserole.

River Farm Smokery provide our smoked salmon and great bacon and ham. Noted in Leith’s Fish Bible, River Farm is a thoroughly traditional smokery, where the brick kilns are hand-fired using only the finest quality oak, maple, and whisky barrel chips.

They have a shop selling smoked goods alongside fresh fish (Weds-Sat), cheese, olives, frozen meals, and lots of other deli goodies.

Their chief smoker Dan Woodford also has an interesting blog plotting his career change from IT to wood smoking, which is well worth a look. and

Watergull Orchards

Our apple juice comes from Watergull Orchards. They produce over 20 varieties of high quality English apple juice, all of which are made from apples which have been grown in Cambridgeshire.

The brilliantly-named Wobbly Bottom Farm provides our goat’s cheese. Situated a mile outside the historic market town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire, the farm has a mixed dairy goat herd of British Saanens, British Alpines, British Toggenburgs and Anglo Nubians all selected for their fine quality milk. The farm runs an open barn policy and the goats are free to choose to stay undercover or graze on the 39 acres of grass fields.

Our local ale comes from Cambridge Wine Merchants, an independent wine merchants with shops at Mill Road, Bridge Street and Kings Parade, Cambridge.

We go west to Herefordshire for our sausages, bacon and ham – all coming from the remarkable Tudge family. They smoke their extraordinarily good bacon and ham for a week. That’s what we call slow food!

And west again for our free-range chicken for our daily chicken and rice dishes. Visit to get an idea of what proper free range really means.

And the jam is from Tiptree in Essex, home of the Wilkin family who’ve farmed in the area for nearly three hundred years.